Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year - New Goals

I hope everybody is having an enjoyable and healthy 2014 thus far.  Mine has actually started on the right foot, although I am disappointed that I did not meet last year's resolution to come out fully.  Having said that, I have done a ton of thinking about that here lately, and have come to the conclusion that that will come some time this year when I become more independent financially.  It just makes sense, and I'm not going to rock the boat yet when I don't have a reliable lifeboat awaiting me should I sink.

  You see, I graduated back in December with my BA in History.  It feels great to have that done, but it feels kind of weird knowing that I am (mostly) done with school.  I still have to complete two classes to complete my certification, as well as two state tests, so I still have another semester at the university anyway.  But, I'll only be going two days a week, meaning I will be able to start subbing this semester, which I will have to look into sometime this upcoming week.  I'm more than ready to start making a little money, mainly in that it does give me options regarding coming out.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not going to be making much money, but I will be making enough that should I get kicked out once I do come out (which I highly doubt will happen), then I can probably find a relative I could stay with for a little rent money.

Then, after this semester, I will start my one year internship before I officially become a contracted teacher.  The great thing about interning, though, is that I will get full salary and (I believe) benefits, so I'm really looking forward to that.  The only nuisance is that I will have a "mentor" teacher during that year, meaning either the department head or a veteran teacher will guide me along during my first year, which will probably do me some good anyway.

So, I'm really looking forward to 2014 for so many reasons.  It will be the year that I come out, hopefully in the very near future; I will be jump starting my career this year; I will really be working hard to get into tip-top shape physically; and I'm also planning on doing some writing, which has been my passion ever since I was a little boy.  Anyway, are you guys looking forward to 2014?  Do you have any resolutions?  And, if so, what are they?  Feel free to comment as always on any of my posts, and until next time, I hope all is well with everybody who reads this blog.


  1. Hi Michael. I just want to say thanks for this blog and sorry for the lack of comments. I'm slowly getting more comfortable with the idea of coming out and pursuing a relationship, something I didn't think I could do even last year. Your blog lead me to an online support forum, which has helped a lot in realizing I'm not alone in my struggle.

    1. I'm very happy that this blog has helped you in whatever way it has, much more than I can ever express in written word. That said, no need to apologize whatsoever for a lack of comments. That's not what this blog is all about, even though I do encourage comments to folks who may need an embrace. Trust me, I can empathize and relate in so many ways.

      This blog was started for very personal reasons. It was (and still is sometimes) a place for me to vent - a place for me to express feelings and emotions that have been suppressed my entire life. I have actually met a few great people through this blog, and that is just an extra bonus for me personally.

      I'm so happy that you're becoming more comfortable with coming to terms with your sexuality as I'm in the exact same boat. It's pretty amazing to see that there are so many stories, shared and untold, that are eerily similar to our own, which undoubtedly makes our process a tad bit easier.

      Thanks for the comment.