Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Happening

I'm coming out as I type this. Surprisingly, I'm not emotional at all. I don't think it has set in yet. Also, equally surprisingly, so far nothing but positivity from my family. I went from having one of my worse days ever yesterday, to having a moment I've been waiting for for almost seventeen years the next. Stay tuned!


  1. Good for you! I've had your blog bookmarked in my browser ever since I came across it back in 2012. Even though I've only commented once, I've checked in every now and then. Your previous post was really troubling. I read it yesterday (before you made this one) and came here now to post something positive, just so you would know there's at least one stranger out here hoping things get better for you. I'm glad that they seemingly have. I guess sometimes it takes an emotional crises to kick us in the ass and say, "Enough is enough" and motivate us to make a change.

    Just remember, though, that even if you do have some bad coming out experiences, even with family, that it will eventually get better. Either because those people will come around, or because you will become strong enough to realize that you don't need people in your life who will bring you down, even if they are related by blood.

    1. Thanks man. Yeah, it' has been one helluva week so far, with a terrible low and an unbelievable high separated by 24 hours. I'm still in shock, I think, because I am pretty numb right now.